Inspired by surfers, pimps, and heavy metal, SSS World Corp is a journey into the mind of a tiki-philiac. Baptized in honor of the early 1960s Super Sport Chevrolet, the debut collection “Aloha from Hell” is a post-apocalyptic ode to a beach mentality wrapped in silk. O’Shea references are pulled straight from his life, his personal style, and the things he thinks are awesome. So naturally, the suiting is designed with the same hypermasculine silhouette O’Shea likes to wear: sharp peak lapels, strong shoulders, a single button, and no vent. "I wanted to produce something that was accessible to everyone so that people could make the choice if they would buy into it or not. And at the same time people that have money, if they want to buy it they’re choosing it because they like it." O’Shea says.