Jil Sander has created a line where rigor, sobriety and refinement coexist. Jil Sander’s style is unmistakable, devoid of superfluous eccentricism, strange exhibitionism and often a step forward compared to the common aesthetic sense. Heidemarie Jiline Sander, simply called Jil, born in Germany in Wesselburen in 1943, is known for her minimalist style, clean cuts, quality fabrics, essential lines and the use of neutral colors such as black and white. After studying design at the Krefeld School, the young Jil, before embarking on a career as a designer, began working as a journalist for the American magazine McCalls. In 1968, she opened a boutique in Hamburg, after a couple of years in 1973 she founded the fashion house Jil Sander GmbH, presenting her first collection the following year.