Born in 1942, Stuart A. Weitzman is the founder of high-end international shoe brand, Stuart Weitzman. He garnered worldwide attention for the use of unconventional and unique materials like vinyl, cork, wallpaper, lucite and gold, as well as his objective to produce something flawless. His shoe designs are sold in more than seventy countries worldwide. Stuart Weitzman’s shoe designs are encrusted with jewels and stones that can be worn like jewelry on shoes, they work as stick-ons. This technique was used in order to ensure the versatility and longevity of shoes. For more than three decades, Stuart has been creating shoes that are adored by women since they light imagination and leave them feeling glamorous. Weitzman long before understood that a perfect shoe is one that not only functions in a great way, but makes a woman feel and think she’s beautiful. The company produces over 590 designs and styles every year, experimenting with and inventing new materials, silhouettes and techniques in order to make a shoe that looks good and is comfortable.